Posted on: March 18th 2019

This week at Gray's Farm - WB 18/03


Week Beginning: 18 March 2019


In nursery this week we shall continue our story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have been learning about the life cycle of a caterpillar and watching them grow daily. When they are fully developed and transform into butterflies we will realise them into the wild.

Please continue to look at your child's next steps on Tapestry and support us with their learning.


This week in Reception we will be exploring some traditional tales. We will start with Jack and the Bean stalk. With this we will looking at describing characters and looking at how fairy tales are structured.

In maths this week we will be continuing with addition and subtraction. We will try counting from a number instead of only starting from 1.

We will be looking at growing and planting seeds. We will explore how the plants start off and then change over time.

Our phonics workshop will be held on Wednesday 27th at 9.15. We look forward to seeing you there.


In Maths we will be learning about British coins and comparing their values.

In English we will be learning the story of ‘The Storm Whale’ and focussing on verbs ending with ‘ing’ and ‘ed’.


In English next week, we will be changing elements from the Beegu story, with a focus on conjunctions and noun phrases. In Maths next week, we will be looking at fractions of numbers, using appropriate methods.


In English, we are going to identify when to use a new paragraph in formal/informal letters, alongside with incorporating all the skills we have covered this term (using subordinating clauses and fronted adverbials).

In Maths, we are going to work on how to use multiplications and their related division facts. Towards the end of the week, we are going to divide two-digit numbers by one-digit numbers.


This week Year 4 will be:

Maths: Finding  decimals and fraction equivalents, finding fractions of an amount.

English: Focusing on punctuating fronted adverbials accurately, consistently.


In English, we are learning how to link paragraphs and writing narratives.

In maths, we are looking at timetables and solving problems involving measure.


This week in Year 6 we will be finishing our work around the book 'The Pirates Next Door' and will be using persuasive writing techniques. In geography, we will be continuing with our learning about the Shang Dynasty.