Posted on: June 21st 2019

Year 2 - Horton Kirby Trip


On Tuesday 11th June, Year 2 went on their school trip to Horton Kirby Environmental Centre. When we finally arrived, we were in for a jam-packed afternoon!

We started with the pond dipping. The children were so good at being quiet, still and observing the water, that they caught 3 newts(!), many tadpoles,  pond skaters and  water snails! Much better than Miss Wallington who thought she was going to fall in!

Next, we used our mini-beast and micro-habitat knowledge to go on a mini-beast hunt and even got to use microscopes to have a closer look at the mini-beasts. There were a few squeals from finding spiders, especially when one crawled up a child's arm!

We had a sneaky peek into the badger's sett, we had to be extra quiet and we counted 24 holes! We learnt  rhymes and actions to remember the names of trees and had to use clues to find the tree, we went into small groups with adults and had a race to see who could do it quickest AND get them all right! Of course, Miss Wallington's team won - nothing like a bit of competition!

Miss Wallington and Mrs Lyon were so very impressed with how the children waited patiently for the coach,  their outstanding behaviour and remembering key-facts that we have learnt in Science to share with Mr Berry! You blew us away and represented Gray's Farm beautifully and proudly!