Posted on: June 24th 2019

Fun Day


As you should hopefully be aware, tomorrow is our whole school funday! Previous events of this nature have been extremely successful and the children thoroughly enjoy them. The success, of course, is dependent on your generous parent donations, so thank you so much for your support. We are still in desperate need of bottles of drink for our bottle tombola, cakes (shop bought or homemade), jam jars (empty or filled with small toys/sweets) for our jam jar tombola and small toys or packets of sweets to fill any empty jam jars. Additionally, if you have a new soft toy that you could donate for our ‘name the toy’ stall, we would be extremely grateful. Any donations can be brought to the office today or first thing tomorrow.


Just a few gentle reminders for the day:


Please send your child in with small change – each stall will only have a limited float so will not be able to break notes!
If you do send your child in with money, please ensure it is in a named purse/envelope. Any money should be sent in with children in the morning as we cannot guarantee anything brought in during the course of the day will reach classes. As you can appreciate, the office staff will be very busy with the running of the day and will not have time to chase children to collect things
If able, please send your child in with a named carrier bag so it will be easier for them to bring their purchases home

The timings for each class are as follows:


11.00am – 11.30am - Nursery & Reception
11.30am – 12pm - Years 1 & 2
12.30pm - Afternoon Nursery
2.00pm – 2.30pm - Years 3 & 4
2.30pm – 3pm - Years 5 & 6
3.20pm – 4.30pm - Parents invited

As previously stated, these slots are for the children only. Parents are welcome to come and join in once they have collected their child at the usual pick up time. We hope that your child is as excited about funday as we are!