Expectations of children, including conduct online - Gray's Farm Primary Academy

Expectations of children, including conduct online

All children learning from home are expected to engage with the online learning platforms. Where applicable, key workers and vulnerable children within school will access the online learning platforms too.

Staff can expect pupils learning remotely to:

  • Be contactable during the school day – although consider they may not always be in front of a device the entire time
  • Complete work to the deadline set by teachers
  • Seek help if they need it, from teachers or teaching assistants
  • Alert teachers if they’re not able to complete work

Staff can expect parents with children learning to:

  • Make the school aware if their child is sick or otherwise can’t complete work
  • Seek help from the school if they need it
  • Ensure that their child has a calm environment in which to learn
  • Be respectful when making any complaints or concerns known to staff

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