Values & Ethos - Gray's Farm Primary Academy

Values & Ethos

We, the governors, staff, parents and community of Gray’s Farm Academy aim to foster a lifelong love of learning that builds upon and develops children’s interests, strengths and talents.

Visions and valuesWe aim to motivate our children to achieve at the highest level through an innovative, inclusive and focused curriculum. We ensure that the learning is planned carefully around the need of the children, giving  them opportunities to learn beyond, as well as within, our school environment.

We set our expectations high and celebrate the successes of every child. We expect our children to work hard and will help them to raise their aspirations and reach their full potential. 

Our school environment is a safe place where children are made to feel valued so they are able to become confident, independent learners.  We encourage children to take risks with their learning whilst understanding that coping with obstacles and becoming resilient is a vital part of life.

We teach children to be good citizens, to celebrate differences and respect individuality.  They are taught to recognize the differences between right and wrong and to accept responsibility for the consequences of the choices they make.

As a school we pride ourselves on being at the heart of our local community.  We develop strong partnerships with all stakeholders and value their input and support.  We constantly work to ensure that our combined efforts are always focused on improving the provision for our children.

We are proud to be members of Gray’s Farm Primary Academy.