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Our Curriculum

At Gray’s Farm, we intend our curriculum to support the Trust ambition that we 'inspire learners and change lives. We have six core values that we aspire for our children to possess. We want them to be confident, reflective, to persevere, be knowledgeable, aspirational and compassionate individuals.  We believe that our curriculum should be broad, balanced, representing the diversity of the world around us and is aspirational for all. We want our children to be the best that they can be.

Our aim is to provide a curriculum that prepares our children for life beyond Gray’s Farm and the classroom; a curriculum that gives them opportunities to be excited about learning and develop enquiring minds whilst giving them access to lessons that engage and prepare them for the wider world. We teach children to be global citizens, to celebrate differences and respect individuality. We have designed (and are constantly reviewing) a curriculum that allows our children to regularly learn about, and be inspired by, individuals of all abilities from all backgrounds, cultures, genders, sexualities, religions and ethnicities. Our children are taught to reflect on the choices that they, and others, make and the consequences these have on themselves and people around them.

We ensure that within our curriculum the learning is planned carefully around the needs of the children. Our expectations are high and celebrate the successes of every child. We expect our children to work hard and will help them to raise their aspirations and empower them to reach their full potential. Our school environment is a safe place where children are made to feel valued so they are able to become confident, independent learners.  We encourage children to take risks with their learning whilst understanding that coping with obstacles and becoming resilient is a vital part of life.

As a school, we pride ourselves on being at the heart of our local community.  We develop strong partnerships with all stakeholders and value their input and support.  We constantly work to ensure that our combined efforts are always focused on improving the provision for our children.

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Curriculum Long term overview

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If you require any further information regarding the curriculum please email; office@graysfarm-tkat.org