Monitoring Engagement - Gray's Farm Primary Academy

Monitoring Engagement

  • Any students identified as not engaging will trigger a rapid response including contact home to explore why this is the case and to provide solutions to engage. Where a student refuses to engage in any remote learning we reserve the right to direct them to attend in school face to face provision.
  • Staff including Senior Leaders monitor engagement of children's learning via google classroom reporting. Any child who does not engage with the learning will be identified in a timely manner and the parent will be called to offer support, before the end of the week. Any child who is not engaging in online learning will be dealt with on a 1:1 basis and solution decided on in the best interest of the child.
  • Senior Leaders will be monitoring the effectiveness of remote learning – through regular meetings with teachers and reviewing work set or reaching out for feedback from pupils and parents
  • Senior Leaders will be monitoring the security of remote learning systems, including data protection and safeguarding considerations
  • Senior Leaders will be dropping in on live learning sessions to ensure consistency of approach across the school
  • Senior Leaders will be monitoring the attendance of pupils