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The online world can be a bit overwhelming at times but it is important that we understand what our children are doing online so we can help to keep them safe. Within the current climate that we live in, online material is being accessed more than ever before, whether that is for educational purposes or social use. With this in mind we have introduced the Safer Schools App, which is accessible for parents and staff. The app is available to download for free on all Apple and Android devices.

The Safer Schools App aims to help by offering advice around topics such as image sharing, social media, online bullying, safer gaming and much more. Another feature available through the app is push notifications. These notifications will include real time trend alerts and emerging risks to children whilst online. 

Scan the QR code below to download the app. The 4 digit access entry code is 4746. Full instructions on how to download and login can be found in the documents below. 

Safer schools app QR code