Feedback for our children - Gray's Farm Primary Academy

Feedback for our children

At Gray's Farm we believe that feedback for children is imperative in order for them to make improvements and progress in their learning as well as support children to know it is ok to make mistakes and to learn from these. First and foremost feedback will come in the form of ‘live’ feedback during ‘live teaching’ online sessions.

Teachers may also give feedback in the following ways for those children using Google Classroom:

  • Written comments in the child’s private comment box ; where the child can reply to the question that has been asked
  • Use of sharing screen to talk through common misconceptions during live teaching sessions
  • Self marking Quiz types
  • Live marking on the google classroom platform within the lesson, identifying areas of development whilst live teaching online

Please see below  an overview of what parents can expect with regards to feedback in KS1 and KS2.

Remote learning expectations

Teachers may also give feedback in the following ways for those children using Tapestry

  • Teachers are using assessment for learning to influence their planning on tapestry and move children onto next steps day by day / week by week
  • All EYFS staff are continually monitoring work completed by children and responding individually with specific feedback
  • In reception, in addition to daily live sessions for children and daily availability on google meet for Q&A with parents, parents can message the staff directly with questions and receive answers re: learning opportunities and next steps
  • In nursery, tapestry communication (as above) is supported by a weekly call