SEND - Ambition and Access in Science - Gray's Farm Primary Academy

SEND - Ambition and Access in Science

Ambition – What are we aiming for children with SENs to achieve in this subject? 

Access – What amendments are made to the subject in order to help children with SENs to achieve?

  • We must be aware that a child’s scientific ability and enquiring mind is not directly related to their writing or maths ability. 

  • Children should be given the opportunity to create their own investigations with support appropriate to their SEN learning barriers. 

  • Children must be given the opportunity to ask their own questions as well as complete teacher-led enquiries.

  • Know more/Remember more - First few slides in every lesson used to revise facts and key vocabulary from prior sessions.

  • Child friendly SKOs (with picture prompts) to be supplied to SEN children to keep in their science books for reference throughout. This will help to remind them of key vocabulary 

  • Children to work in mixed ability groups when conducting scientific investigations with teacher/TA overseeing groups and offering assistance when required. 

  • When writing up investigations, children can be supplied with an investigation sheet. Key vocabulary and picture clues to be used to help them to organise their ideas and findings clearly. 

  • Classroom displays / working walls are used as visual prompts; they include facts, images, key vocabulary and child friendly definitions.