Parent support and help - Gray's Farm Primary Academy

Parent support and help

If Parents/Carers need any help please get in touch with us:  


For IT Support queries such as:

- Technical difficulties using the online learning platforms
- Password or account issues
- Issues with school loaned devices

Please email


For general home learning queries such as:

- Issues completing online activities
- Messages for your child's teacher
- Questions about online learning activities

Please email and we will forward these to your child's teacher.


Ideas to support parents with home learning: 

Creating a Calm and Positive Learning Environment for your child at home

  • Set an alarm, have breakfast and get ready for the home school day. Don’t forget your Gray’s Farm Jumper and don’t stay in your pyjamas!
  • Try to create an area in your home where your child can complete their learning. Make sure you set out everything your child will need for the day and remove any distractions such as toys, games and TVs.
  • Establish a routine by creating a timetable for your child to follow, clearly defining times for learning, rest, physical activity and play. 
  • Maintain a balance between time on and off-screen for learning. 
  • Take some time to share the learning with your child and set clear expectations of what you expect.
  • Promote independence by giving your child suggestions of what to do if they get stuck. Click here for some suggestions.
  • If you can, take some time outdoors to get some fresh air. 
  • Check in with your child every now and again, to look over what they have done, and give lots of positive praise for what they have achieved!
  • Take some time to be creative, have fun and play with your child. 
  • Take some time to complete mindfulness activities to give your child some time to relax and reflect. 

RoutineSupporting home learning routines - planning the day

Consistent routines are important for behaviour and wellbeing, both in school and at home.