SEND - Ambition and Access in Read Write Inc - Gray's Farm Primary Academy

SEND - Ambition and Access in Read Write Inc

Ambition – What are we aiming for children with SENs to achieve in this subject? 

Access – What amendments are made to the subject in order to help children with SENs to achieve?

We believe that reading opens the door to learning and therefore it is vital that we as educators do everything we possibly can to ensure that EVERY child will learn to read. We are determined to teach every single child to read, regardless of their background, need or abilities. SEN pupils are involved in the RWI lessons, as all pupils work in ability groups and teaching is geared to the speed of progress of each group.

  • The assessment of pupils’ phonics progress is sufficiently frequent and detailed to identify any pupil who is falling behind the programmes pace- targeted support will be given immediately 

  • The lowest 20% from Years Reception- Year 2 are having 1:1 intervention

  • All teachers are trained in RWI and have ongoing training to ensure that they can adapt their teaching to children’s needs

  • In Year 1 we have a specialist SEN HLTA who targets the lowest achievers, which include SEN chdn

  • We have a RWI TA who focuses solely on interventions and group teaching and therefore works with some of our SEN children.

  • All children are taught specifically to their needs and are grouped in a way that they are taught at their level

  • Progress for EACH child/group is what we focus on