SEND - Ambition and Access in MFL - Gray's Farm Primary Academy

SEND - Ambition and Access in MFL

Ambition – What are we aiming for children with SENs to achieve in this subject? 

Access – What amendments are made to the subject in order to help children with SENs to achieve?

By the time children leave year 6, they are at an entry level corresponding to the MFL curriculum in KS3 and are able to make the transition to secondary smoothly using their previous learning and knowledge from KS2. 

SEN is not a not a limiting factor. Differentiated written work to be made available when required. Smaller groups considered when completing verbal work/assessments.

  • Differentiated written resources provided based on SEN assessment and teacher’s previous knowledge of individual child.

  • Groups to be mixed ability to allow SEN accessible power mentors if and when required.

  • Allow extra time to allow children with SEN for verbal responses. 

  • Consider the advantage of visual work/stimulus. 

  • Consider the use of ipads to allow repetitive visual and auditory learning.