How to keep yourself safe online - Gray's Farm Primary Academy

How to keep yourself safe online

Online Safety

Nspcc 2It’s really important to talk to your child about Online safety. It is never an easy conversation to have. The NSPCC provide a wealth of information for parents about how to have these conversations. CLICK HERE

Safety Settings

InternetmattersThere are many ways to keep our children safe in particular through checking that the internet safety settings are on whenever they are online. Internet Matters has a wealth of resources to help with this. Please click here for support.

Online Games and Apps

Online Games and Apps are developing at lightning speed. It's very difficult to keep on top of the safety aspects of all the new developments but "Net Aware" are here to help. Families can access guides to social media platforms, apps and games on the Net Aware website, run by O2 and NSPCC.

Don't forget your Digital 5 a day 

The digital 5 a day provides a simple framework that reflects the concerns of parents/ carers as well as children’s behaviours and needs. It can also act as a base for family agreements about internet and digital device use throughout both the holidays and term time.

Based on the NHS’s evidence-based ‘‘five steps to better mental wellbeing’, the digital 5 a day campaign gives children and parents easy to follow, practical steps to achieve a healthy and balanced digital diet.

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