Children and staff wellbeing - Gray's Farm Primary Academy

Children and staff wellbeing

At Gray’s Farm Primary the wellbeing of it’s staff and children is very important, particularly during the time when schools are closed due to lack of interaction within the school community.

The following things have been put into place to support staff, children and our families:

Wellbeing webinars for staff and Gray’s Farm families are on offer

  • Weekly lockdown newsletter to support our school community links

  • Welfare calls to families

  • Online staff meetings to support teaching and learning

  • Breaks built into the timetable to ensure that all children and staff have breaks away from the screen whilst online teaching and learning

  • ‘Live teaching’ sessions via google meets to allow staff and children time to talk and interact with others - with a focus on developing communication skills from afar

  • SLT call staff to complete wellbeing check ins

  • Virtual staff briefing for staff to have time to connect and ‘see’ each other