SEND - Ambition and Access in Art & DT - Gray's Farm Primary Academy

SEND - Ambition and Access in Art & DT

Ambition – What are we aiming for children with SENs to achieve in this subject? 

Access – What amendments are made to the subject in order to help children with SENs to achieve?

Be ambitious of what our SEN children can achieve.  Art and DT are different ways for children to think and draw on all their learning from across the curriculum without having to use it in the traditional way.  SEN children historically can achieve and sometimes exceed their peers when completing Art & DT tasks.

  • A spiral curriculum (revisit and revise) - At the start of your lesson, you should revisit the vocabulary and key facts you have learnt. Reinforcing the expected outcome so they have a clear idea of their journey.

  • Pictorial guidance (where applicable) - enabling children to take responsibility for their own learning, building their confidence (not being held back by their ability to read and write).

  • Check in - Try to spend a few minutes with these children, discussing what they do understand and getting them to explain what they want to achieve by the end of their learning.  

  • Flexibility of extending time for children with SEN

  • Amending equipment used to enable full access to learning