Wellbeing Days - Gray's Farm Primary Academy

Wellbeing Days

Our next wellbeing day is TBC

Last week (W/B 10th June) we looked at how to connect with nature for our wellbeing. Take a look at what we did!


Well being during Forest School this week included; listening to birds and going on minibeast hunt. Here are some children at base camp taking in nature…

Nursery Cody

1 Rowan listened to the sounds of a seastorm and discussed how it made us feel. Vocab used included: excited, worried, wet, wild waves, terrible sea, whistling wind, crashing waves, dangerous sea, salty taste of the wind. They compared it with trips to the sea side some of them have had when it has been stormy, and how scared yet excited they felt. We thought about the lighting and the thunder and discussed which senses we use to appreciate each. We then listened to the track again, accompanied by images of a sea storm and were in awe of the height and danger of the waves in a  Force 10 gale. We then used these ideas as inspiration for our writing about this week's book.

1Elm Work  1Ellm Work2

1 Elm watched lots of rainforest animal videos as this is what they voted for! The children said they loved seeing the amazing animals in nature and spoke about how happy looking at cool animals made them feel.  Lots of them loved how slow the sloth is. Evie liked the sound of the waterfall because the splashing was relaxing, Leo thought the monkeys were funny and Cooper loved the parrots because they were so colourful. Check out one of the videos we watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vijLre760w

Year 2 Hazel listened to a nature themed guided meditation. They were so calm and chilled out afterwards and lots of us would like to do this more often!

2Hawthorn Wellbeing May21

2 Hawthorn spoke about wellbeing and what it meant, we spoke about how we would feel if we were taking our wellbeing into account and then we discussed what activities we can do to help our individual wellbeing. We did a class blind vote to decide on our wellbeing activity. The overall vote was for a walk but due to the weather we went for ‘just dance’ and I think their faces say it all. This class are serious dancers who love strutting their stuff!

2Hawthorn WellbeingDancing May21

2Hawthorn WellbeingDancing2 May21 2Hawthorn WellbeingDancing3 May21

Year 3 looked at Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration to get outside and be creative and mindful. They made art using natural materials!

Year3 Wellbeing  Year3 Wellbeing2

Year 4 - Did meditation and breathing exercises while listening to sounds from nature.

Year4 Meditation May21

Year 5 took a look at how maths can be seen in nature - check out this website to see what they saw - https://mathgeekmama.com/math-in-nature/

They then went on a nature walk to see if they could see maths in nature for themselves.

Year5 Wellbeing1 May21

Year5 Wellbeing2 May21

Year5 Wellbeing3 May21

Year5 Wellbeing4 May21


Year 6 - wellbeing walks

Year6 WellbeingWalks May21

Quotes for our Yr 6 Children:

"I really enjoy our well-being walks. It gives me time to think."

"Having a well-being walk lets my mind wonder and have a break from learning."

"It is time you can talk with your friends whilst getting some fresh air."

" I went for so many walks during lockdown so it is nice to still have time to walk. "

"Some of us run instead of walk as it makes us feel better."