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Posted on: February 6th 2023

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 6th February


Week Beginning: 6th February 2023


This week in nursery, we shall be consolidating our learning from our story topic about space. The children will be taking part in upcycling boxes and tubes to make their own rockets. We shall be working together to  predict and test our findings as we shall be taking part in a rocket experiment.



Well, what a busy first half of the Spring term it's been!  This week in Reception we will be finishing off our topic around Chinese New Year and also making our Valentine's cards (shh - don't tell anyone!)  We will also be completing our DT project to make a new chair for Baby Bear!  In Maths we will be looking at adding two numbers together by counting all of the objects to find the whole.  Please can we remind parents that children need to come in wearing their PE kit on a Thursday and that it needs to be either black leggings or tracksuit bottoms (black shorts in the warmer weather), a plain white T-shirt and either their green school jumper/cardigan or a plain black hoodie/jumper with no logos on. Many thanks for your help with this.


In Maths, we are going to look at how to use prepositional language such as near, close, above, below, etc. We are also going to look at 2D shapes while sorting them into different categories and discussing their properties.

In English, as part of our Science and Geography topic, we are going to write main clauses to answer these questions:

* What is your favourite season? Why

* Where would you rather live? (England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland) Why?

We will also be writing a recount of the Legend of the Giant Causeway and how it was made.

We wish you a lovely half term!


In Year 2, we will be applying our Science knowledge in our English writing this week. In Maths, we are looking at 2D shapes. In Geography we will be learning about the indigenous people of Australia.


Next week we will continue our work around the text 'Our Tower' and will be showing off all of our amazing writing skills as well as learning to edit, improve and publish in order to produce some fantastic work for our display! In Maths  we will be focusing on statistics and interpreting data from bar charts. We will also be collecting our own data and transferring it into our own bar charts. Late in the week we will be looking at 3D shapes. Finally, we have a busy week in our curriculum subjects as we will be showing off everything we have learnt this term in Geography and Science and concluding our experiment looking at permeable and impermeable rocks. 


This week in English, we will be finishing our whole school text called 'Our Tower'. Our skill will be inverted commas (speech) this week and the children will be writing their own conversation between characters to show off to Mrs Bell for a whole school display! 

This week in Maths, we will  be focusing on Geometry. We will be using our knowledge to classify 2D shapes into Venn Diagrams and we will be moving onto symmetry within 2D shapes. Our challenge for the week will be to complete a mirror image! 


This week in Year 5 we will be continuing with our KS2 text, Our Tower. We will be considering our language choices to produce a poem. In Maths, we are finishing up our work on fractions by learning to multiply them; we will then be revising our knowledge of angles. In Geography, we will be concluding our topic by deciding where in North America we would rather live. In Science, we will be deciding which changes are reversible and irreversible.


This week, Year Six will be continuing with their mock SATs. On Tuesday morning, we have our Arithmetic paper and our first Reasoning paper whilst on Thursday we will have our second Reasoning paper. In English, we will be creating fact files on polar bears and finally finding out whether Bear makes it back safely to his original home. 



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