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Posted on: June 12th 2023

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 12th June


Week Beginning: 12th June 2023


This week we shall continue our story topic of the Rainbow Fish. We will be exploring questions like, What makes a good friend and the importance of friendships on our wellbeing?

During our Forest School we will be getting creative and making puppets by drawing around our hands to make fish shapes. These will be used to retell the story throughout the week.


This week in Reception we are continuing with our comparison of life in our country and life in another country - The Gambia. We are going to be trying to write our own versions of the story 'Fatou, Fetch the Water'. In Maths we are revising finding half of a number and this time we are also trying to find half of a shape. Don't forget that this Friday 16th June is our Pirate Dress Up Day where your child can come to school dressed as a Pirate for lots of pirate-themed activities!


In English, we are going to look at the book 'The Queen's Hat'. We're going to write main clauses extended with conjunctions (and, because, so). We are also going to use noun phrases (busy tube, blue hat, etc.) to make our sentences more interesting.

In Maths, we are going to use number lines to solve addition and subtraction number sentences. We are also going to use word problems to understand which operation (addition or subtraction) is needed to solve the problem.


Year 2 are going to be starting a new book in English all about Dragons! In maths, we are going to be adding and subtracting using the expanded column method. We will also be starting our History, RE and Science topics.


Next week in year 3 we will be continuing to focus on fractions, looking at equivalent as well as adding and subtracting them. In English we have a brilliant week planned where we will be holding a debate all based around our book, Space Band! Thank you so much for all of the amazing Tudor houses that have come in this week; we are currently working out where to display them! 


In Maths this week, we will be recapping on calculation. We will be focusing on choosing what method would be best and unpicking word problems. 

This week in History, we will be relooking at King James 1 but this time we will be looking at the Gunpowder Plot in more detail. 

In Science this week, we will be labelling ear parts. 


This week in Year 5, we are continuing with our non-fiction writing in English, focusing on persuasive writing. In maths, we will be sharpening our calculation skills and applying our times table and division knowledge to a variety of real-life questions. In science, we will be looking more closely at our solar system and identify the position of Earth in relation to the sun. 


This week in year six, we will be looking at the artist Banksy and his use of spray paint to create graffiti. We have a busy week with visits from TFL teaching us all about travel safety and Reverend Neil,who will be speaking to us about moving on. English we will be starting a new text but for now we are keeping the title a secret for now.



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