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Posted on: June 27th 2023

Appropriate Conduct



We would like to thank the very many parents who support our school and its work so well, and with whom we enjoy such good and positive relationships. We know that you recognise the hard work of the staff team here at Gray’s Farm and we really appreciate the respect that you show them. We would like to thank you too for the polite and considerate approach you take when talking to staff, which helps us to smooth out any difficulties or problems you may have with an aspect of school life. 

However, it has come to my attention that some parents are being rude or aggressive and this is simply unacceptable.  Everybody has the right to feel safe and secure in their place of work and this obviously includes our staff here at Gray’s Farm. At times, our staff have been shouted at, had their space invaded and have even had to listen to derogatory comments. All of these are examples of unacceptable behaviour that should not, and will not, be tolerated. Please remember that the staff at our school work incredibly hard, with very long hours, and are completely dedicated to improving the lives of all children here. However upset you may be, speaking to staff in a calm and polite manner is the best way to get your message across. 

We would also like to remind you that we expect you to act in an appropriate manner to other parents as well. Any instances of parents either shouting, using intimidating language or behaviour, swearing or any form of insults could result in a ban from the school site. We say this with the desire for our school to be a calm and safe place for all - most importantly, your children.

If you feel that we can improve our provision in any way, please do come and talk to us. We are always ready to listen to issues you may wish to raise with us. Please be assured that we have every respect for your roles as parents/carers and want to make sure that we do address any genuine concerns that you may have. 

As always, we want the best for your children and continue to value your support.



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