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Posted on: April 19th 2024

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 22nd April


Week Beginning: 22nd April 2024


This week in nursery we will be continuing to look at the life cycle of a Butterfly and we are looking forward to the arrival of our caterpillar, so the child  get a first hand experience witnessing their life cycle.

We will continue to practice our phonic sounds and in maths we will be exploring with different way of measuring.


This week Reception class will be exploring more about the life cycle of the duck and how we care for them. We will be learning the names of the four stages and during our literacy sessions the children will be encouraged to use these keywords in their writing, eg.  egg, nest, hatch duckling feathers etc..  In maths the children will be measuring and recording the capacity of different containers. They will also be practising using the correct mathematical language around this. Please ensure that you read regularly with your child and return their home learning folder EVERY Wednesday so that we can provide new reading books each Friday. Many thanks.


This week, in English, Year 1 will be writing a diary entry and will be using the book "Tilda Tries Again".  In Maths, we will be solving one-step problems for addition and subtraction using a number line.

If possible, could the children send into school a photo of themselves as a baby to use in our RSHE lesson.  Thank you. 


Year 2 are going to be recapping how to use 'when' and 'if' as a conjunction in our writing. In Maths, we will be adding and subtracting using the expanded column method. In Art we are learning about our 2 new artists and practising our scissor skills. We will be learning the life cycle of a ladybird and in Geography we will be looking at the impact of climate change on the Arctic. 


Next week in year 3 we will be practising using the compact method for adding and taking away. We will also be finding out more about our new question in geography 'What makes the earth shake, rattle and roll?'. 


In Maths this week, we will be recapping on our calculation methods. We will be having a bigger focus on bridging (in addition and subtraction) and decimals (in addition, subtraction and multiplication). 

In English this week, we will be continuing with our present progressive and past progressive. We will also be using our past progressive to write about our school trip. 


This week in Year 5, we are using our arithmetic skills, answering questions involving all four operations and we will apply our knowledge of number to solve real life problems. In English our focus will be adding detail and relevant information using relative clauses and parenthesis. We are looking forward to starting our DT project by evaluating existing products and designing our own memory cushion. 


This week, year six will be learning about the impact of being an evacuee during World War 2 and how this affected host families and the children being evacuated. We will be looking at information text in English and creating our own creature that could be found on the moon - Pandora. Throughout the week, we will be continuing with our SATs revision. 



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