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Posted on: June 23rd 2017

Year 5 - Broadstairs

This term we have been learning about the history of medicine and as in the past people used to recuperate at the beach, we shall be visiting Broadstairs for our class trip.  

The trip is confirmed for Wednesday 12th July with a wonderful day planned. As we will need to leave promptly at 9.00am to ensure that we can have a full day at the beach, the children will need to arrive at school for 8.40am. We are aiming to be back at Gray’s Farm by 4.30pm, dependent on traffic.

The children will need to bring a packed lunch for the day, preferably in a plastic bag so that they can throw away their rubbish rather than have to carry items all day. If your child is entitled to free school meals then we can provide them with a packed lunch. You will be provided with a separate slip for this so please fill out and return by Wednesday 5th July.

The cost of the trip is £12.00 – Payment and permission can be made via our online system, School Gateway. Please do not send in cash or cheques as these will be returned to you. The deadline for payment is Wednesday 5th July. We request that the children bring no more than £3 spending money, in a named envelope or purse, for ice cream.

Children can wear their own clothes and will need to bring sun tan lotion, sunglasses, a sun hat and a bucket and spade.

We do not require any parent helpers so there is no need to volunteer this time round. Once again, thank you so much for all your support and we are all looking forward to a fantastic day out!





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