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Posted on: July 16th 2018

This week at Gray's Farm



We shall use this week to consolidate all the learning we have done.

A reminder that the graduation ceremony for nursery is Thursday 19th July at 12.30pm. Parents to wait at the main office area until seated in the hall for the start of our graduation.
Please note there will be no morning session that day, instead ALL the children will join together  at 12.30 to say goodbye to each other.  

There is a green piggy money bank for your kind donations towards our party. This will  be located outside the nursery garden entrance.

Thankyou for your continual support.

Nursery Team


Reception are finishing off their Scrapbooks on Moving on and preparing for Year 1. We are looking forward to watching our friends and siblings in their Year Six play and our own party on the Friday. Please send in our party clothes in a named bag, and a small contribution to party food and drink. Please remember NO NUTS! We would all like to thank you for your continued support this year, and wish your children every success next year.


Year 1 will be revising the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes in Maths.

In English we will be writing a story.


We are looking at different poems and creating our own poems. In Maths next week, we are solving problems using all four operations.


English: We are letting the children show off their creativity and all the skills they have learnt this year by writing stories based on an image.

Maths: We will be recapping on key skills taught in year 3 through fun investigations.

Science: Completing our topic on Animals Including Human through exploring different animal skeletons and finding out how the muscles work together to make us move.


In English, we are going to write a letter to the new Year 4's to tell them all the great things that we have done in Year 4, so they can look forward their next year.

Also using our descriptive language, we are going to write a book review on the book that we have enjoyed reading the most.

In Maths, we are going to use various mathematical concepts to investigate word problems.


In English, Year 5 will be finishing The Ice Dragon and writing our own ending. In Maths, we will be using all of the skills we have learnt in Year 5 to solve investigations! We have our trip to Tenterden on Wednesday and then will be spending Thursday as a DT day where we will be finishing our junk model steam trains.


Year 6 will be performing their show ‘An Inspector Calls’ and preparing for their leavers assembly.



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