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Posted on: November 12th 2018

This week at Gray's Farm - WB 12/11


Week Beginning: 12 November 2018


Our new story topic in nursery is called “The Very Helpful Hedgehog”.

We will be exploring the Autumn changes and looking at animals hibernating, Please see the board at nursery entrance for daily updates.  Friday 16th November 2018, we are inviting the children to dress up in spotty clothes to support CHILDREN IN NEED, the children will take part in making spotty cakes, painting  spotty pictures and lots more.

Please remember to continue to upload your photos on tapestry, we love to share them with the children.


What a colourful week in Reception! The children have had a wonderful time creating lots of firework pictures and crafts for Bonfire night. Alongside this, they have learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali and have been making bright Rangoli patterns using a range of colours and shapes!
Next week in Reception, we are going to begin the story of Hansel and Gretel. The children will explore the wondrous candy house and perhaps even make their own breadcrumb trail!
They will be exploring shapes in maths and learning about different positions of objects!
In phonics we are looking at our phase 2 letters and also challenging ourselves with cvc words like cat, pin, dog etc.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your donations of toys and resources in reception! It is most appreciated!

Reception team!


In English we will be writing our own stories, based on the book ‘Toys in Space’.  We will focus on writing correctly punctuated main clauses.

In Maths we will be learning number bonds up to 20.  We will be linking this to addition.


Year 2 are using conjunctions to join main clauses this week. We are basing our Literacy learning around the story ‘The Dark’ which is based on a little boy who learns how to be less afraid of the darkness in his house. In Maths, we are subtracting on number lines using our number bonds to bridge multiples of 10.


In English, we are going to still focus on using conjunctions and we will have a look at how to use fronted adverbials in our writing.

In Maths, we are going to spend some more time on division and begin to recognise fractions towards the end of the week.


In English we will be concentrating on non fiction texts.

In maths we will be looking converting different units of time.


Year 5 will be continuing their work on Fractions looking at how to find fractions of amounts and converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions. In English, we will be developing our writing skills by adding conjunctions to the middle and the start of sentences. We will be investigating 'Changing Materials', in Science,  and will be finding out what the Ancient Greeks ate in our History lessons. As well as all of this, we are really looking forward to our Reading day, on Friday!


Next week, in Year 6, we will be writing in the role of a soldier during the first world war. In science, we are using our knowledge of circuits to design a decoration that lights up.



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