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Posted on: November 19th 2018

This week at Gray's Farm - WB 19/11


Week Beginning: 19 November 2018


We will be continuing our topic on "The Very Helpful Hedgehog and be exploring with the children what helpful things they do for their families and friends, maybe you can put a photo on tapestry about a helpful deed your child does at home.

We will be going on a nature walk around the fields to collect acorns, twigs, leaves to make interesting pictures.

If your child has wellington boots can you please bring them in for Tuesday 20th November 2018, labelled please.

Please ensure you look at the board outside the nursery for daily updates.

Thank you for your support.


We will be continuing our journey of learning to read and write this week, as we work on our phonics sounds from phase 2. In reception, we are sounding out familiar words like ‘bag, cat, dog and pot’.

In maths, we are continuing to secure our number knowledge and push ourselves to recognise and count further than 10! We will be counting out objects from a larger group and trying to use our number knowledge to solve problems!

We will be learning about the Gingerbread man in English and hopefully we will get to enjoy some gingerbread biscuits ourselves!

Make sure to check out tapestry and see what the lovely children of reception have been getting up too!


In English we will be looking at traditional tales and writing clues and riddles – focussing on main clauses.

In Maths we will be revisiting addition.


Next week, we are revisiting multiplication and division. We will be drawing arrays to solve x problems that we don’t know and dividing by sharing pictorially. In English, we are continuing to use conjunctions with a foucs of ‘when’, ‘if’ ‘or’ and ‘that’ to join main clauses.


In English, we are going to describe a setting using noun phrases and expanded noun phrases.

In Maths, we are going to count up and down in tenths. Also, we are going to recognise, write and find fractions of a discrete set of objects.


English - Working on using paragraphs correctly

Maths - Count up and down in tenths and hundredths; Recognise and show using diagrams families of common equivalent fractions. Compare and order unit fractions using manipulatives. Recognise, find and write fractions of a discrete set of objects.


in Maths, Year 5 will be learning how to find the area or perimeter of squares and rectangles, as well as recapping our previous week's learning. In English, we are focussing on up-levelling our vocabulary using expanded noun phrases and identifying the 'shades of meaning' of similar words. We will be applying our knowledge of changing materials when we bake a Honey cake, in Science, based on an Ancient Greek recipe. During History, we will be acting out Greek myths and in Geography we will be learning about the capitals of the UK.


Next week in Year 6 we will be writing in the role of an evacuee in WWII. In computing, we will be learning how ciphers were used to carry secret messages during times of conflict.



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