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Posted on: November 18th 2019

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 18/11


Week Beginning: 18 November 2019


Our new story this week is called "Dinosaur who lost his ROAR" The children will be learning about the different dinosaurs and their names, where they lived and what they ate. During our Forest School we shall be going on a Dino Hunt, Dino Dig and making our own volcanos.

In our music and movement sessions the children will have the opportunity to express themselves through music. We shall also be concentrating on size and height.


This week in Reception our book focus is the gingerbread man. We will be sequencing the story and problem solving by coming up with ideas on how we could help the gingerbread man cross the river. We will be using our literacy and maths skills to write and follow simple recipes. In phonics we are recapping f, ff, l, ll and learning the new sound ss e.g mess, kiss. In maths we will also be recapping our learning on estimating small amounts (and checking by counting).


In English, we are going to introduce a new class book, a story of when toys come to life and adventures begin.

In Maths, we are going to count on from the bigger number to add two 1 digit numbers and also to add a 2 digit number to a 1 digit number.


In Maths next week, the children will be looking at fractions of real - life objects, fractions of shapes and fractions of numbers. We will be focusing on 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 3/4 and 2/4. 

In English next week, we will be consolidating our previous learning while starting a new book, Dougal's Deep Sea Diary which follows on from our Bob the Man on the Moon book and also links to our current History topic, explorers! 


Maths: We are continuing our learning on fractions, looking at finding equivalent fractions using diagrams and ordering factions by their size. 

English: Our story this week will be linked to our topic work on The Stone Age. We are using a lovely book called 'The First Drawing'. Our writing will be focused on using adverbs within our sentences and then at the beginning of the sentence as a fronted adverbial. 

Science: We are continuing our learning on the different types of rocks and will be finding out how they are formed.

History: We have learnt about the Palaeolithic period of The Stone Age so far. Next, we are moving into the Mesolithic period and seeing how man developed during this time. 


This week in year four we are going to be learning about Fractions in maths. We will be exploring how fractions make up a whole number and looking at how the numerator and denominator determine the size of an amount.

In English we will be using inverted commas to convey speech. We will be using it in comic strips as well as our own writing based on an image from the Roman period.
In topic, we continue to learn about the Romans invading Britain. We will explore the effects this had on the country as well as what life was like in Rome. 

This week we also have an own clothes day on the Friday in memory of someone that worked closely with the school. We will be raising money for a charity and any donations will be kindly received. 


English - our writing is around our history topic of the Maya Civilisation. We will be focusing on a new market opening and writing a diary entry and a newspaper report. 
Maths - we will be revisiting rounding up to 100,000. We will be starting to look at finding the perimeter and area of regular shapes. 


This week in Year 6, we will be sitting mock SAT tests. We will also be learning about crime and punishment in the 16th century. 



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