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Posted on: January 20th 2020

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 20/01


Week Beginning: 20 January 2020


Our new children have almost settled in and again a massive thank-you to our older children to help in this process. Our new topic will be based on a story  called Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. Children will be looking at animals, talking about their habitats, comparing and ordering length, height etc. We will be using our sound lotto game to differentiate between animal sounds, please ensure you check boards beside the nursery entrance for regular updates.


This week in Reception we will be continuing to revise our phonics sounds and learning the new sounds oa and oo. We will also be continuing to learn high frequency and tricky words. For our maths learning we will be focusing on height, weight and capacity. We will be moving on to Supertato to help develop our writing skills and to develop a greater understanding of healthy and unhealthy foods. Please try to read with your children for at least 5 minutes everyday at home and if you would like a task to do at home then please practice adding 1, 2 and 3 more to a single or two digit number.


In English, we are going to look at the story of Katie Morag, who has a link to our Geography focus for this week (Scotland). Using our main clauses, we are going to create a fact file on Katie Morag and her Isle of Struay.

In Maths, we are going to master our skills on how to recall number bonds within 10. This knowledge will help us to subtract one single digit from another.


This week in Maths, we will be multiplying and dividing, using arrays or bar model.

This week in English, we will be starting a new book - Where the Forest Meets the Sea with a focus on prediction and descriptive writing. 


In Maths working on multiplication and division using multiplication tables that they know, including for two digit numbers times by one digit numbers.

In English working on sentence structure, using subordinate clauses and subordinating conjunctions.


This week in Maths Year 4 will be concentrating on multiplying and dividing  2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers - building on skills we have previously learned.

In English we will be learning how to use a possessive 's's accurately within our writing.

In science we are continuing our Living Things topis work.

Our swimming lessons are on the following days:

4 Sycamore: Monday - leaving school at 9 am so please be prompt!

4 Yew: Thursday - after lunch.


In Maths, we are revisiting how to convert between mixed and improper fractions as well as learning how to add and subtract fractions. In English, we will be learning the story of Pedro's first day in the rainforest and we will write his diary after the event. We will also be improving and retelling the story in our own narrative.

Our geography lesson is to understand the biomes of the world especially our focus country, Mexico. In Science, we are continuing looking at metamorphosis and how it is different to the life cycles we have already investigated.

We have been hearing the children read over the past two weeks and they have loved explaining their books to us. We greatly value your support in this through your regular reading with them at home too.


This week in Year six, we will begin writing around a new book. In geography, we will be learning about the biomes of Argentina. 



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