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Posted on: February 9th 2021

Safer Internet Day


Tuesday 9th February is Safer Internet Day.


The theme this year will be: An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world


In today's ever-changing technological world, we rely on, and spend more time than ever in front of a screen; whether that be a computer screen, a phone or a tablet. As part of our Wellbeing week and in conjunction with Safer Internet Day, the children will discuss why e-safety is important and consider ways to keep themselves safe when working on-line. Staying safe on-line is important to us as a school and will continue to be discussed after half term with the children discussing different scenarios and what to do in such situations. If you would like any further guidance or tips for keeping your children safe on-line, please feel free to explore the links we have attached below.


Let's all work together for a better internet!


Safer Internet Day for Parents


Parental controls & Privacy Settings to keep your child safe online


Family online safety short videos



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