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Posted on: February 26th 2021

BIG Art Attack

Following on from the success of Gray's Farm Bake off, we have organised for Tuesday 2nd March to be a well-being day for all year groups at Gray's Farm.

We hope as a family you will have fun creating your own BIG Art Attack using items you have at home. Have a watch of the video and the slides below to see a what Tuesday’s project will be.

Big Art Attack
Big Art Attack (1)Big Art Attack (2)

On Tuesday 2nd, all children will need to log on at 9am still for the usual registration and to receive their attendance mark for the day. Once the log off at 9:30am the rest of the day will be a non-screen day, giving you time to create your own BIG art attack together. There will be a post on our Facebook page from 9:30am on Tuesday for you to add your birds-eye view photo.

We hope that you have fun and look forward to seeing your designs.



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