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Posted on: June 14th 2021

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 14/06


Week Beginning: 14 June 2021


This week we shall be continuing our topic based around Elmer  the Elephant stories but using talk to organise, sequence and clarify thinking, ideas and feelings.

Some key questions will be, are all animals the same, what makes them different. Why do you think animals have different colours?

Please check the board outside the nursery gate for daily activities related to the topic and some ideas for extension.


This week in Reception we are continuing with our 'Under the Sea' topic. We will be exploring the book 'Tiddler' and coming up with our own ocean adventures. In Maths we are focusing on doubling and halving numbers. The children will be splitting objects and numbers into 2 equal parts.


In Maths the children will be consolidating their knowledge of addition and subtraction. They will use this to solve word problems by drawing their own number lines.

In English we are continuing our work on The Paper Bag Princess, and thinking about how using a suffix such as -ed, -ing changes the meaning of a word.


In English, we will be starting new learning and focusing on suffix endings e.g. -ly-ment, -ness. We will be starting a new book called "There is no dragon in this story" which Miss Wallington and Miss Gillies are super excited for!

In Maths, we will be telling the time and reading the time to the nearest 15 minutes and to the nearest 5 minutes. 

A reminder with the warmer weather, please can your child bring in a water bottle and a sun hat.


This week in Maths we will be revising all the calculation methods  taught this year – choosing and applying the most effective method based on the context of the problem (multi-step problems involving all four operations).  
In English we will be looking at past and present tense, singular and plural nouns.


This week Year 4 will be practising their persuasive writing skills in English. We can't say to much - but there is a revolt happening with the furniture in class!!

In maths we will be re visiting subtraction and addition skills using the column method. 

The Year 4 Statutory time tables assessments will be taking place within the next 2 weeks. Please make sure your child is practising these daily at home. 

Lastly, Year 4 will be taking their second swimming lesson. Please make sure your child comes to school in their PE kit and have their swim kit with them., 

They MUST have: 

- A swimming costume

-  A towel

- goggles

- a waterproof swim bag to keep their wet swimming costume in after the lesson. 

- Children's hair should be tied back if long. 


This week in Year 5, we are learning about Queen Victoria and her reign of Britain in our History lessons. In English, we will be using all of our Year 5 skills to write a narrative based on an image and we will be practising our calculation skills in maths.


This week, in History we are identifying the roles and duties carried out by the Prime Minister and Queen Elizabeth II. During Science, we will be learning about the important work Daniel Hale Williams carried out and the changes he made to many people's lives. 



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