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Posted on: June 21st 2021

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 21/06


Week Beginning: 22 June 2021


Our new story topic is based on a story called "Bright Stanley and the cave monster." We shall be exploring what lives under the sea, looking in detail about sea creatures and their habitats.

The board located outside the nursery will update you on weekly activities and messages.


In Reception, children will be learning all about different types of sea creatures and exploring under the sea. Children will have the opportunity to write sea creature fact files and some storytelling too. In Maths, children will be revisiting 2D and 3D shapes and looking at their properties. We have a fun packed week!


In Maths we will be revising what we have learned about multiplication (eg 3 lots of 2 =) and  will solve simple word problems. We will be revisiting division as sharing objects into equal groups, and also making equal groups of objects, eg putting 6 pencils into groups of 2.

In English we are completing our work on The Paper Bag Princess, writing blurbs and retell the story from Elizabeth's point of view.


In Writing this week, we will be continuing with our new learning of suffixes. Our suffix focus this week will be +ful e.g. spiteful and +less e.g. careless and we will be continuing with our new story book. 

In Maths this week, we are recapping on adding and subtracting using dienes. We will be recapping on not crossing into the next 10, as well as crossing into the next 10. 


This week we are working on:

In maths, converting between units of measure, measuring and working out the perimeter of a 2d shape.

In English, we are working on persuasive writing.


This week in maths we will be concentrating on multiplication and division. 

In English we are going to be re-visiting our punctuation and editing skills to improve our writing.

On Wednesday, the children can wear PE kits as per previous communication: 

They will however be painting their Dragon eyes using acrylic paint so they will be able to come into school with an OLD tshirt for their art lesson - they MUST bring their PE T shirt to change into after the lesson. 

The children will be swimming on Thursday so please make sure they come to school with their swimming costume, hat and towel in a water proof bag. They are also asked to wear their PE KITS. 


This week in Year 5, we are refining our division skills, finding key facts to support our long division in maths. We will be learning about the Industrial Revolution and learning how our country changed during this time. In English, we are using our non-fiction writing skills to write a detailed text about Queen Victoria's life. 


This week, during our literacy lessons, we will be exploring the book Rook 13 by Robert Swindells. We will be writing in the role of the main character Fliss and hopefully finding out what is behind door 13.

In Science, we will be investigating Newton's three laws of motion, whilst in History we will be using our debating skills on a new law. 



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