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Posted on: March 20th 2023

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 20th March


Week Beginning: 20th March 2023


This week in nursery we shall continue our topic on People who help us. During our music and movement sessions children will learn to follow instructions like STOP, DROP AND ROLL. We will look at the role of the fire fighters and how they help to keep safe. Children will be practicing fire evacuations during our sessions. Please check out the board outside the nursery for updates.


In Reception this week the children are going to be sharing the Easter story and thinking about its significance to lots of people around the world. They are going to be comparing different versions of the story and writing or labelling what they know about it. We will also be starting our preparations for Easter - yes another excuse to get that glitter out again....!  In Maths, we will be revising 2D shape names and learning the names of some common 3D shapes by building models with them..


In English, we are going to continue looking at our class book called ‘The Lonely Beast’. We will talk about what makes a good friend and what we like doing with our friends. 

Towards the end of the week, we will write an advert using main clauses, noun phrases and conjunctions to find a friend to the Lonely Beast, so he is not alone anymore.

In Maths, we will be reading and drawing times to o'clock and half past. We will also be learning about money - we will be recognising coins and making amounts.


In Maths, we are looking at fractions again, focusing more on fractions of shapes. 

In Writing, we are continuing to read The Magic Finger, which the children are enjoying. We have lots of big writing planned for this and we are introducing the conjunction 'or'. 

We are continuing our History topic on nurses. This week we will be exploring the life of Florence Nightingale. 


This week in Year 3, we will be looking at fractions and working out how we can add fractions with the same denominator. In English we will be reminding ourselves how to use inverted commas when including direct speech within our writing. And let's not forget, we have our wonderful WOW day on Tuesday! Please remember to send your children in wearing old clothes that they can get muddy in with a spare outfit in their bag in case they need to change! If you have any trowels, gardening gloves, etc we would also greatly appreciate it! 


In English, we will be working on expanded and modified noun phrases as well as continuing with our skills learned this term.  

In Maths Year 4 will be looking at discrete and continuous data and making their own bar charts based on information collected using a tally chart.  


This week in Year 5, we will be looking at how to find a percentage of an amount in Maths, alongside revising area and converting measurements. In English, we are continuing with Anglo-Saxon boy but our focus will be on writing effective action scenes. In History, we are learning about King Canute while in Science we will be starting a two part investigation into the reaction between Coke and Mentos! 


This week, in year six, we will be learning about the different ways that the citizens of Britain protected themselves during air raids. In science, we will be looking at how fossils  were formed and what this has taught us about evolution. We will be continuing our story of When the Sky Falls and learn how Joseph 'survives' his first day at school!



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