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Posted on: March 25th 2024

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 25th March


Week Beginning: 25th March 2024


This week in Nursery we will be covering the Holi Celebration which marks the end of winter and the children will be participating in lots of colourful activities using powder paint.

Remember to get creative at home designing your Easter Bonnets for the parade on Thursday morning, (all children welcome for the parade)  there will be no afternoon session at Nursery , we hope you  have a wonderful Easter break.


n the run up to the end of term we shall continue with our Easter celebrations.

A reminder that we have our Easter bonnet parade on Thursday 28th March, please make Easter bonnet hats at home and bring them along on Thursday morning. In maths we continue exploring 3D shapes. School will finish for that day at 1.15pm for Reception.


Next week in Year 1 we will be making Easter nest cakes and writing instructions to go with them. In Maths we will be looking at 3D shapes and describing their properties.

Remember Open afternoon on Monday from 2pm, Easter Bonnet parade on Thursday and early collection at 1.15 on Thursday.


Year 2 are going to be using suffixes in our writing. In Maths, we will be learning about 3D shapes. We will be learning about the Easter story in RE.


This week in year three we will be finishing our book 'Zoo' by Anthony Browne. We will be holding a class debate on  whether we think zoos are a good place for animals or not. In maths, we are looking at statistics, in particular bar graphs and analysing data. We are also very excited about open afternoon on Monday when you will all have a chance to come in and look at your child's amazing work! 


 This week in Maths, we will be focusing on coordinates. We will be learning how to read and plot coordinates e.g. along the corridor and up the stairs. 

This week in English, we will be completing Curriculum Writing. We will be writing a fact file about animal teeth in Science and writing in the role of a Celt in History.

We hope you have a restful Easter and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. 


This week in Year 5, we will be using reflection and translation in maths to create oscillating patterns and using our multiplication skills when scaling. In English, we will be practising our spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. On Tuesday, Year 5 will be visiting Kemnal to watch their Year 7s perform. 


This week, In English, we will be looking at how we can write about one thing but in three different text types. These will be to inform, entertain and persuade, each text type will also be limited to 100 words, so the children will need to consider their word choice carefully.  Throughout the week we will be developing our understanding of the Easter story with a particular focus on the importance of 'The Last Supper'.  We will also be having PE on Tuesday morning. 



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