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Posted on: December 12th 2022

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 12th December


Week Beginning: 12th December 2022


As this is the last full week before Christmas the children will be taking part in festive activities, using their creative skills to design a Christmas jumper,  following a sequence of patterns using baubles and using prepositions, on top, behind, under, between as we track where our Elf on the shelf is. There will be info on the gate outside nursery detailing last few days of the  school year. 


Now that we have shown off our talents with our Nativity performances, we are getting down to the serious business of Christmas crafts!  We will be busy making our decorations and Christmas cards and planning for our Christmas party - letter to follow with arrangements. We will also being trying out some Christmas Maths!  All in all a fun and busy week!


This week, we will be looking forward to welcoming parents to come and see our wonderful nativity, children have worked really hard on it so we really hope you enjoy it. In English, we will be writing up our history and science learning that we have learnt this half term. In Maths, we will be looking at place value, missing numbers and consolidating our addition and subtraction learning.


In year 2, we are going to be learning about measure and how to read scales. In English, we will be starting a new Christmas book and recapping how to write a main clause. 


In maths this week we will be recapping all of the skills we’ve learnt across the term - with a particular focus on the four operations. 

In English we will continue to look at our current book The Bear and the Piano. We are going to be writing a letter to all the bears in the woods. We will be focusing on our spellings and fronted adverbials when writing the letter.

In other areas of the curriculum, we will be finding out a bit more information about the Ancient Egyptian belief in the afterlife and we will be learning about the Christmas Story according to Christian beliefs.

We will also be fine tuning our voices for our Christmas Carol concerts! We look forward to performing to Year 3 and 4 parents on Thursday 15th December (2:45pm) as well as our two performances on Friday 16th December (one to Year 5 and 6 parents and one to Baycroft residents!)


In Year 4 this week, we will be revisiting our Zones of Regulations feelings while focusing on Edgar (John Lewis Christmas Advert 20219) and we will be retelling the story of Edgar. 

In Maths this week, we will be revisiting some of our previous learning that the children have completed in Autumn 2. We will be focusing on multi step problems by unpicking what the word problem is asking us and what our calculations would be asking. We will also be looking at using the inverse operation to make sure our number sentences make sense. 


This week in Year 5, we are continuing on with our book 'The Lost Happy Endings' and focusing on our language choices. In Maths, we will be reading and drawing our own graphs, including pie charts and line graphs. In RE, we will be finishing our work on Sikhism and examining the religious significance of Christmas. In History, we are finishing our Maya topic by researching how their rule came to an end. In Science, we are going to learn about gears, pulleys and levers. Finally, in Art, we will be printing our monotype print!


This week in year six, we will be finding out about crime and punishment in the Victorian era. We will be completing our art topic on designing packaging, for a new brand, which we've really enjoyed. We will try to promote our brand and listen to feedback from our clients! Finally, we will be brushing up on our arithmetic skills in preparation for our last test of the autumn term.



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