Whole School Study: Harvest Festival and supporting Foodbanks

Re 1This year, to support with Harvest donations, we supported our local foodbank and were asked for tomato donations. As a whole school PSHE/RE project, to really help us understand why foodbanks are important and to challenge any misconceptions surrounding foodbanks, we read the book ‘It’s a No Money Day’ by Kate Milner. After reading this book and empathising with it’s characters and their circumstances, we explored what a food bank is, who uses them, why they are needed and what we could do to help. Using links with a local Foodbank, we were lucky enough to get an insight (via video) into how a foodbank is organised and where their donations come from. Inspired by our foodbank/harvest festival project, everyone completed an activity, tailored specifically to each year group. Such activities included; empathising and writing in role as the main character(s); writing letters to our local foodbanks; and writing persuasive letters to encourage people to help anyway they could by donating non-perishable items.