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Posted on: July 7th 2019

Sports Days 2019


Sports Days take place this week, this year we've decided to do things a little differently and run it over two days, this allows us more time on each day to ensure all the activities fit in without being rushed, also the way in which we run the days themselves will be slightly different, to explain how the days will run Mr Morris has put together the below guides to explain the structure.

We are aware that there is the possibility of rain this week, we are monitoring the forecasts closely and we have allocated reserve days to ensure we get the events on before the end of the year, these dates are highlighted in the guides below. Please keep an eye on the app for further information over the coming days on this.

Children in the Nursery, please see communication direct from the Nursery team for the Nursery Sports Day on Wednesday.

There will be no picnic after either sports day this year, instead we have decided to hold a whole school family picnic on the field on the last day of term, there will be music on the day and items such as ice poles on sale. After the picnic parents may sign their children out and take them home.

Sports Day Guides:





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