Posted on: January 13th 2020

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 13/01


Week Beginning: 13 January 2020


We have now settled in most of our new children for this term and are so proud at how our older nursery children have welcomed them in.

We shall continue our topic on the Polar Bear and the Snow cloud.

Looking at their habitat and life styles.

At the end of January we will be introducing special story tellers who will  come in once a week and share the importance of stories and early reading. More details to follow. Please check the board in the garden area for daily updates.


This week in Reception we will be continuing to revise our phonics sounds and learning the new sounds ai, ee and igh. We will also be continuing to learn high frequency and tricky words. For our maths learning we will be focusing on extending the children to add 1 more, then add 2 more, 3 more and 4 more so please try to reinforce this at home. We will be continuing with Superworm and Mini Beasts as our theme next week to develop the children’s understanding of insects and where they live. Please try to read with your children for at least 5 minutes everyday at home and if you would like a task then please practice letter and number formation. 


In English, we have an exciting week ahead! We are going to write main clauses (facts) to create a leaflet about London’s famous landmarks. We will discuss the features of a good leaflet and how we can use all the information we have learnt about the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, National Portrait Gallery and the London Eye.

In Maths, we are going to still work on the concept of lots of 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s. We will also start looking at the basic operations of division (how many groups of a number we can make).


This week in English, we will be writing recounts of real-life experiences based on our Junk Modelling Music WOW day. 

This week in Maths, we will be adding and subtracting, using dienes and expanded column method. We will be crossing into the next 10/ borrowing a 10 to complete our calculations. 

Please could we have all junk modelling in by Tuesday 14th January, ready for our Music WOW day on Wednesday 15th January. Remember year 2 parents are invited to come and watch our junk modelling music performance at 2.45pm. 


In English working on descriptive language, using expanded noun phrases, adverbs and different sentence openers.

In Maths using addition and subtraction up to 3 numbers and crossing boundaries.


In Year 4 this week, after empathising with the main characters from Oktapodi last week, we will be becoming authors and writing an alternative ending for the two octopuses. Will they finally be reunited or will another twist in the tale prevent them from spending their days together in their safe tank? In maths we will be revisiting formal written methods to add and subtract larger integers and decimal numbers in context. 

Please remember, this week is our first swimming session. 4 Sycamore will be leaving at 9am on Monday. Please come to school in full uniform with your swimming kit underneath (don't forget to pack your underwear!) 4 Yew will be leaving just before lunch on Thursday. 


Maths: We are looking at column for multiplication, addition and subtraction.


English: We are doing writing around the Amazon Rainforest and the affects of deforestation. Later in the week we will be writing a diary entry from someone who cuts down the trees to produce crops for their families.


This week in Year 6 we will be creating our own light investigations in Science. In English, we will be using a picture stimulus to write a narrative. 



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