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Posted on: February 10th 2020

Children run the school day


After half term on Friday 20th March, we will be holding our first ever 'Children run the school' day. The children have already been given the opportunity to apply for a job they would desire in the school. On this day the children that have been successful with their application will be able to come dressed for their job in question and will be their protege for the day. So Mrs Alves will have a mini me answering the phone for her all day and even the kitchen will be having helping hands for the day. The children will find out next week if they have been successful with their application.


For the children that don't have a role that day they are able to come in costume as the job they aspire to be. This doesn't need to be elaborate at all and will really depend on which job they want in life. We would love to see some doctors, pilots and chefs in the school amongst many others for the day.


If you have any questions then please come and see Mr Bradley on the gate before or after school at any point.



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