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Posted on: July 6th 2021

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 06/07


Week Beginning: 06 July 2021


Arrrrrr me hearties, our new topic from this week will be pirates. 

Children will create their  own treasure maps, find number clues to the buried treasure. We shall be exploring floating and sinking and making ships from recycled materials. Towards the end of our pirate theme there will be pirate party. More details to follow.  




This week in maths we are revising time- finding o'clocks and half pasts, and thinking what the time will be/ was an hour/ half hour ago/before. We are also going to begin working on telling the time to quarter to and past. In literacy we are writing our own fairytale. In addition we are taking tests in maths and reading. 


Maths: We are going back to money this week, looking at how to make certain amounts of money using the coins we have - NO 3ps or 4ps! We are also doing some problem solving with change. 


Writing: We are editing and improving the stories we wrote last week to add in even more detail. We will be publishing these too to make a class story book. 


We are doing class assessments this week in Reading and Maths. 


This week in Year 3 we will be focusing on non fiction writing for English and Maths investigations and assessments. 


This week in English we will be revisiting the use of correct punctuation within longer pieces of writing. 

In Maths we will be looking at word problems using time as well as symmetry and statistics challenges.

PE will be on Wednesday as normal and Swimming will be on Thursday.

Please do not forget to send your child in with their towel, swimming costume, swum hat and waterproof bag. 


This week in Year 5, we are completing our last set of tests before we begin our journey in Year 6. We are continuing our writing about Jim Jarvis and his life in Victorian Britain in English and our history links nicely because we are looking at the lives of children from working in the mines etc to school. We are really excited to carry out our planned investigations into irreversible changes.


This week in year six, we will be taking part in the long awaited Year Six SATs.  Our time table is as follows: 

Monday Session 1 - SPaG 

Wednesday session 1 - Arithmetic and  session 2 -  Maths Reasoning 2

Thursday session 1 - Maths Reasoning 3 and session 2 - Reading

The children have worked exceptionally hard this year and we know they will all be amazing. Don't forget to come to the free breakfast club (8:05) on these days.



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