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Posted on: February 20th 2023

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 20th February


Week Beginning: 20th February 2023


This week our new story is called  "Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs."  We shall be exploring the characters in the story and learn new vocabulary as the story begins to unfold.  Learning about dinosaurs plays a crucial role in our understanding of the natural world. The children will be involved in lots of activities over the coming weeks. Please check out tapestry and the board outside the nursery for fun learning activities.


In Reception this week, the children are embarking on a new topic all about 'Our Bodies' so we will be writing labels for our external body parts and learning what some of the important internal body parts, such as the heart and brain, do for us!  In Maths, we will be finding the total of 2 groups of objects by counting on from the first group rather than having to count all of the objects.


In English, we are going to work on our sentence structures by organising scrambled up words into main clauses.

We will be using our 5 senses to describe a beach scene and write a postcard using conjunctions, adjectives and noun phrases to describe the beach to one of our friends.

In Maths, we are going to look at place value, how many tens and ones a number has using Dienes.

We will be looking at the vocabulary bigger, smaller, biggest and smallest and compare numbers accordingly.

We will also be using number lines to solve addition number sentences.

In History, we will be comparing old time and modern time beach locations.

In Science, we will be looking at plants and answering the question whether all leaves are the same.

Homework will be set on Google classroom every Friday.


Year 2 will be writing a narrative about a Bee hotel. We will be using all of their writing skills. In Maths, we are comparing different amounts of money and solving missing number questions. In Science, we will be starting our topic about how plants grow. In History, we will begin to learn about Nurses and in RE will be starting to answer the question 'What makes us human'.


This week in maths we will be focusing on time and learning to read Roman numerals! In English we will be looking at a traditional tale with a twist...Little Miss Sunshine and the Three Bears. We will be focusing on using the past tense correctly and will be reminding ourselves to correctly use end marks at the end of our clauses.

In other areas of the curriculum, we will begin our new history topic about the Stone Age as well as beginning our new Science topic all about plants.


Welcome Back! We hope you had a restful half term and are ready for the next term ahead!

This week in English, we will be starting a new book 'Escape from Pompeii' which is linked to our History Topic. Our skill focus for the week will be conjunctions and we will be writing a letter back to our family. 

This week in Maths, we will be recapping our Place Value knowledge. We will be looking at ordering and comparing whole numbers and decimals and multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100.

Our Science Key Question for this half term is: Why are teeth important? 

Our History Key Question for this half term is: How did the Roman Invasion impact Britain?

Our RE Key Question for this half term is: How do we know what is right and wrong? 

Reminder: 4 Sycamore will be swimming this half term and 4 Yew will be doing Indoor PE.

Reminder: We have our Year 4 Roman WOW Day on Tuesday 28th March.


This week in Year 5, we are revising place value in Maths. We will also be learning about prime, square and cube numbers. In English, we are starting our new book 'Anglo-Saxon Boy' which links into our new History topic, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. In Science, we will be spending the term investigating reversible and irreversible changes. 


This term, we will be learning about why World War 2 started and the effects it had on people's lives. 

In English, we will be creating a news report, which is linked to the amazing rescue carried out by April in our book The Lat Bear. 



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