KS1 Harvest Festival - Latest News - Gray's Farm Primary Academy
Posted on: September 27th 2017

KS1 Harvest Festival

Dear Parents/Carers,


We would like to thank you for coming this morning and to apologise to those of you who did not manage to hear your child perform during this morning’s Harvest Festival. It is a real shame as the children have been practising their performances for weeks and staff have worked hard to prepare the assembly for your enjoyment. We would also like to remind parents and carers that talking during the assembly, either on the phone or to one another is simply not acceptable and ruins the experience for others. Also, if you wish to bring younger children with you, please do not allow them to disrupt the performance. We want to continue to invite parents and carers to such events but such behaviour is not fair on our children or staff. In future, if you are behaving in a way that disturbs other people’s enjoyment, we will have no choice but to ask you to leave. Please be considerate of our children, each other and all of the work that has gone into preparing such events.


We thank you for your support with this matter.












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